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Enjoy with caution: Heat is coming

It has been a different winter, and today we are experiencing a spring with fewer hints of heat than other years. Likewise, summer is closer and in recent days Mijas and the Costa del Sol have experienced their first days of “real” heat with the beaches in high demand. Great news, of course, but we must be warned about how to take care of ourselves from the sun and heat.

Summer season began with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees, prompting a yellow alert from the State Meteorological Agency. As more heat waves are expected, it’s crucial to prioritize health and take precautions.

Here are some tips from the Spanish Ministry of Health to beat the heat: stay hydrated, avoid caffeine, sugar, and alcohol, opt for light meals, limit sun exposure, seek cool environments, avoid midday outdoor activities, pay attention to vulnerable groups, and never leave people or pets in parked cars.

Recognizing heat stroke is vital. Symptoms include a sudden rise in body temperature, hot and dry skin, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and even loss of consciousness.

If someone experiences heat stroke, call Andalucian emergency services (061) immediately. Meanwhile, move them to a cool area, wet their clothes, fan them, offer water if conscious, and lay them on their side.

Enjoy summer safely by taking care of yourself in extreme heat.