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Tourism Boom: Mijas Reigns as Top Destination in Malaga, Breaking Records

Our town Mijas is crowned as top destination for hotel occupancy in Malaga Province.

Mijas has emerged as the town with the highest hotel occupancy rate in Malaga province, hitting a remarkable 92.2% in May, significantly surpassing the high provincial average of 87.65%.

Record-Breaking Statistics

The local hotel industry is celebrating what has been described as a historic month. Key figures have lauded May 2024 as a standout period. According to them, Mijas saw a 2.8% increase in occupancy compared to the same month last year, continuing the positive trend seen since January.

The surge in tourism is not only benefiting hotels; holiday rental flats in Mijas have also seen a significant uptick in demand. With a wide variety of options available, these rentals have been a popular choice among visitors seeking a more personalized stay, further boosting the local economy.

For many years, Mijas Properties & Holidays has been providing excellent holiday rental accommodations, catering to tourists with diverse needs and preferences.

Mayoress Ana Mata highlighted these achievements, attributing them to Mijas’ strategic positioning and its appeal as a tourist destination. “These excellent results should encourage us to continue working for excellence and to offer our visitors a unique and unforgettable experience,” she stated. Reflecting on the current tourism campaign, “Mijas, as you like it,” she emphasized the town’s versatile appeal to all visitors.

Our Visitors

International tourists, predominantly from Europe, have played a significant role in these impressive figures, comprising 80% of the occupancy compared to 20% from national visitors. This trend has positioned Mijas ahead of other popular destinations in Malaga, with only Benalmádena (91.22%) coming close.

The surge in tourism is evident in the visitor statistics from Mijas’ tourist offices in La Cala and the village. From January to May 2024, 69,485 people visited, an increase of 3,830 from the previous year’s 65,655.

Mijas’ impressive hotel occupancy rates and rising visitor numbers underscore its growing allure as a top destination, promising a vibrant and economically beneficial summer season for the region.